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How often should I post?

Updated: May 15

As we see clients get excited about generating content and reaching a wider range of followers, we’re often asked the question, “How often should I post?” While there is no magic number in this department, the key is to post often and consistently. The more content you post, the more reach you’ll have. And as you gain followers, they’ll want to continue to see new content from you. 

Start by setting a goal for yourself. Keep it manageable until you get more comfortable with posting (one to two posts a week), then challenge yourself to increase that number. Plan on doing this consistently for as long as you want to drive your business. Think months and years, not just weeks. 

And make sure to keep it fun! All your content isn’t required to be directly about your business. Your followers also want to see you in your day to day life. So if you feel inspired to add a meme that made you laugh or a picture of a great meal with a shoutout to that restaurant, go for it! This is also a great way to add to your posts per week.

And remember that the team at The Social G Co. is always here to answer questions and offer encouragement! We love to help you make your socials shine!

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