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The Team

Who We Are

The Social G Co.has quickly become a highly sought after asset for those looking to elevate or increase awareness of their brand. Utilizing our unique style of social media marketing and business branding, we personalize social media efforts based on the vision, brand, and target audience of each individual or business. By partnering with The Social G Co., clients will see higher engagement and metrics, receive creative and concise social media branding, and have lots of fun along the way.




Mary has a passion for people and small business development. With the belief that social media platforms are THE communication platforms of our time, Mary strives to make social media a bright spot in people's days through creative, engaging, and authentic content. For Mary, there's nothing better than seeing a client get excited about their social media presence and watch as their online community and business thrives.





Erika loves helping our clients find their voice on social media and tailoring their content to match their unique personalities. With a unique personality herself and a degree in English Language and Literature, her copywriting skills are second-to-none! She also has several years of experience creating content and managing social media for various individuals and organizations, including churches, non-profits, realtors, and small businesses. 


Christa vanderwall

Social media manager

Christa loves facilitating meaningful connections between our clients and their communities through adept social media engagement. With a passion for creativity and an acute understanding of community dynamics, she adds a distinctive flair to our team. With extensive experience spanning content creation, marketing, and social media management across diverse sectors including local businesses, non-profits, clubs, and sports groups, Christa brings invaluable expertise and a vibrant online presence to each of our clients.

Christine Prieur

social media manager

Christine is passionate about unlocking the full potential of our clients' businesses in the world of social media. She enjoys turning creative visions into compelling, authentic content. Christine has prior experience helping growing businesses pinpoint their ideal clients and devising strategies to effectively reach them.

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